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Heels Dance Class

Frequently Asked Questions

No Question Is Too Small



Each class has a specific dress code. For your convenience, dance clothing and shoes may be purchased at the studio. Hair needs to be pulled into a bun for ballet classes, and at least in a ponytail (completely out of face for shorter hair) for all other classes. For adult classes, please wear comfortable clothing that is easy to move in, or dance clothing that is as close to the dress code as you are comfortable. Please contact the office for details.


Registration is required to ensure proper placement in class and to guarantee a space in class. Call with your name, phone number and the class you interested in or the age of your child and if you or they have had any previous dance experience. There are no registration fees.

Missed Classes

You may make-up a missed class by attending another class that is age and ability appropriate (office staff can help you with choices). Please let us know which class you are planning to attend at least 48 hours in advance. All make-ups must be completed within one month of the absence.


Youth classes: Siblings or friends may attend class on a one-time, case-by-case, space available basis for $12.00. Adult classes: Adults may attend as drop-in students when space is available. Please check in the office for prices.


Many classes have the opportunity to perform at community performances in the winter and summer. All classes perform at our annual spring concert. Participation in these performances is completely optional, but is very fun and a great opportunity for the dancers. Please see the studio handbook (available in the waiting area or on the web site) for more information about recitals as well as general studio policies and procedures.

Viewing Classes

Parents are invited to view classes on the last week of each month, September through April. Viewing is closed in May and June as we prepare for performances. Experience has taught us that children learn the best under these circumstances. Students of all ages are more attentive, engaged, and focused when not under observation. This is a common practice among respected, professional, high quality dance centers. Please check the “centerboard” for specific viewing dates.


Classes begin on the first Thursday after Labor Day, continue through July (with a slightly different schedule in July) and camps and workshops are held in August. Our classes have a year-round curriculum, however, enrollment is ongoing throughout the year. You do not sign a contract obligating you for any length of time. We are closed  Halloween, Thanksgiving weekend, winter break, spring break and Memorial Day. Snow closures usually coincide with school closures—call if you are not sure.


 No refunds are given, but plenty of great choices for make-up classes.

Studio Curriculum

Both the Beginning/Intermediate and Intermediate/Advanced programs are designed to challenge and stimulate the dancer to develop a flexibility of style. Personal instruction ensures that each dancer’s technical training and artistic improvement is promoted. Curriculum includes Ballet Technique, Variations, Pas de Duex/Partnering, Jazz, Modern, Pilates, Middle Eastern, Hip Hop, Tap, Theater & Character Jazz, Hawaiian, Baton, Juggling, Gymnastics, Theater and Singing. Creative Movement classes include motor skill development, classroom skills, rhythm, creative movement, hula, tap, gymnastics, and more. Costume parts and props are used to stimulate the dancer’s creativity and add to the fun! Studies In Movement classes continue in the same genre as Creative Movement with increased difficulty in skills and a more mature content in general. These are very fun and safe programs that will develop numerous life skills.

How many students are in each class?

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